VRS is a 3D rendering studio that focuses on turning inspiring ideas into engaging visual experiences for architectural projects worldwide
We collaborate closely helping architects, real estate developers and startup initiatives to show remarkable projects with our unique approach. By understanding your goals, we give voice to yet unbuilt innovative spaces through photorealistic renderings that make your leads feel like they’re there, and your values are spread to the world.
Our brand stands for efficient communication and dynamic planning during the entire creative process with our clients. Our foundation consists on a transparent and reliable workflow with fast turnaround, innovation, high-end technology resulting in impressive deliverables.
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"Honestly, if you want a realistic photo render of your future structure to surprise your clients, Mariana is the person you are looking for. She is incredible in every way possible. Incredibly communicative, she speaks very fluent English, excellent quality work with fast delivery.
O2 Treehouse
"Mariana puts in the time to produce excellent quality renders. She is very easy to work with and responded to any comments that we had in a timely manner to create fantastic visualizations of our project! Thank you Mariana!"
Fabrik Architects
"Mariana is a dream to work with! She takes all feedback into consideration and doesn't stop until she gets it perfect. Highly recommend to anyone looking for renderings"
Confluence Developments